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Service Leadership

At. St. Luke’s we believe it is important that our students learn to be people for others. Our Portrait of a Graduate includes our expectations for students to be servant leaders, respectful community members and team players. And we know that as a school, it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for them to learn these skills, practice them and pass them on to others. We are intentional in our planning, and make it possible for our students to have first-hand experience in service leadership

Our FInS (Fellowship, Involvement and Service) program pairs lower school students with middle school students for monthly service projects. These include efforts to improve our own campus facility, and serve those beyond our campus. Food Bank donations, care packages, and sandwiches for people who are homeless, letters to veterans, gloves, socks, and winter clothing for children in need, and books for children in Tunisia are some of the projects initiated by our FInS groups.

The capstone service project for our 8th grade students is a year-long partnership with St. Lillian Academy. This gives our students ongoing, personal relationships with children who have different abilities. We believe that building long-term, and lasting relationships is a necessary component for our students to see community service as a lift-long commitment, and responsibility. We are grateful for meaningful service opportunities for our students.

FiNS Activities News - Honor Our Law Enforcement

Our September FInS activity invoved honoring our law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge. FInS buddies worked to together to make "Survival Kit" bags. Thanks to our parents for sending in our goodies to complete the bags. Our 8th graders walked over to the Police Department and hand delivered our special bags. 

Survival Kit for Baton Rouge Law Enforcement Officers

To remind you of the many times you've been one
For the burst of energy that you need
To show our love for you
To help everyone stick together
You have to roll with the punches
Helping you keep your cool
To help keep your sense of humor
For the mounds of courage you show

Love and prayers,
St. Luke's Episcopal School