St. Luke's Episcopal Day School

Welcome To St. Luke's Episcopal Day School

Amy Whitley

Welcome to St. Luke’s Episcopal School, a place where community creates the ideal learning environment.  St. Luke’s is committed to providing the best education for students in preschool through eighth grade.  Episcopal schools value challenging academic programs combined with significant emphasis on physical, social, and spiritual development.  Local high schools regularly report that they can identify St. Luke’s graduates very quickly because of their poise, preparation, and the way they treat other people.

St. Luke’s is an important partner in the St. Luke’s community and in city of Baton Rouge.  The connection with the church provides students with an understanding of how many people care for them outside their families and teachers.  Students also learn the importance of being part of the larger community and how they can have a positive impact on others.

At St. Luke’s, students enjoy small class sizes, numerous field trips across town and the country, a full range of athletics, and frequent opportunities to participate in fine arts.  Studies show the value that a small learning environment and a full range of non-academic activities provide for students.  St. Luke’s teachers know their students very well and can address individual learning needs.  St. Luke’s students develop a strong sense of identity and confidence as a result of getting to participate in sports and explore art, music, and drama.

We invite you to visit St. Luke’s Episcopal School.  Come see for yourself what a great learning community looks like.

Greg Hutchinson
Head of School

Rector’s Welcome

Welcome to St. Luke’s Episcopal School! Our school is the largest ministry of St. Luke’s Church. Teachers, Clergy, Administration, and Staff work together to create an environment of high academic standards rooted in the Christian faith. St. Luke’s School offers an environment for cultivating the spiritual lives of students through worship, service, prayer, study, sports, and more.

St. Luke’s is a Christ-centered church and school. The rhythm of our weekly worship, the love that we model and expect from our students, and the way we care for one another reflect this reality. We believe that the pursuit of truth through the academic disciplines and the pursuit of Truth through the worship of God form one seamless reality. Christian faith provides the lens through which we view our whole lives. Scripture, Tradition, and Reason serve as the primary sources of authority that govern everything we do as a school.

St. Luke’s School encourages open inquiry. We welcome difficult questions about God and about the world around us in an environment of safety and mutual respect. St. Luke’s promotes an atmosphere of acceptance and security where students of all faith traditions feel comfortable. We welcome children and families from any religious background, and we respect the varieties of religious practices which are present within our student body.

It is our genuine desire that our students learn to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind, and to love their neighbors as themselves. If we do this well, we will fulfill our purpose as a church and as a school.

The Rev. Dr. Bryan Owen
Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church