St. Luke's Episcopal Day School

Board of Trustees

The St. Luke’s Board of Trustees is charged with the duty and responsibility to develop, achieve and promote the mission of the school through proactive leadership consistent with the parochial objectives of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church of Baton Rouge. The Board of Trustees operates as an independent and autonomous body to perform their function within their mission.  However, final authority for the approval of candidates as board members as well as fiscal oversight shall be vested in the authority of the Vestry of St. Luke’s Church.   Vestry members are elected from parishioners of St. Luke's Church and serve a three year term.

The Board of Trustees is composed of parents, grandparents, parishioners and friends of St. Luke’s Church and School who provide guidance, service and support to the school’s mission.

2016-2017 Board of Trustees

Chair, Board Mrs. Monica Thompson
Vice-Chair Mr. Brian Juban
Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair Mrs. Rebekah Summerville
Secretary Mrs. Lyndi Neumann
Chair, COT Mrs. Renee Roberie
Chair, Development Mrs. Lori Puls
Chair, Institutional Advancement  Mr. Paul Daigle
Parent Guild President Mrs. Jennifer Yale
Rector The Rev. Dr. Bryan Owen
Head of School Mr. Greg Hutchinson
Senior Warden Mr. Mike Gaudet
Immediate Past Chair Mrs. Joanie Montelaro

Mr. Alex Bean, Ms. Angelle Brown, Mrs. Michael Ann Crawford, Mr. Rob Farmer, Dr. Sonia Godail, Mr. Charles Hansberry, Dr. Stephanie Kelleher, Mrs. Amy Kubricht, Mr. Thomas Lane, Mrs. Namisha Patel, Mrs. Natalie Stiltner